Schooling arrangement

In view of the development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Education Bureau (EDB) has earlier (3 August) announced all schools that generally commence schooling in September, may commence the new school year in accordance with their originally scheduled dates. but all face-to-face classes and on-campus activities will have to be suspended until further notice.ur school will keep in close view the development. Parents are advised to pay attention to our school messages and EDB’s announcements.

- Education Bureau (EDB)

- Department of Health -The Centre for Health Protection


In view of the impact of the epidemic, our school has been cancelled the parents' meeting for on August 28. In order to enable parents to take notes of preparations learned before children come to school. Our school will send the relevant matters to the parents with WhatsApp video or by phone.

- Although students will not return to schools for lessons for the time being, our teachers may switch to other modes for supporting students to learn, such as use of WhatsApp to sent videos / to school collect homework, etc. Please often attention to your mobile phone messages.